Getting it right today to ensure a better tomorrow

Thank you for your interest in this key leadership role here at Torbay Council.


There really couldn’t be a better time to be part of the Torbay leadership team. There is real momentum building, fuelled by a shared sense of purpose and ambition. And it goes beyond the Council offices. The whole community is keen to see good ideas come to fruition and to take practical steps to preserve and enhance our fantastic local environment.

While it’s true to say that all place roles are high profile, there can be no doubt that the importance of our reputation as a visitor destination shines an even brighter light on this role and the services that fall within the portfolio. Well-managed streets and beaches and thriving local businesses and amenities are all essential ingredients in establishing Torbay as the UK’s premier resort destination. And that’s just part of this role.

You’ll also be leading on the strategic themes that make a difference to quality of life and opportunity within the Bay: Housing, Economic Development and Regeneration, Climate, Culture, Events and Transport. We are committed to turning the tide on poverty in our community, ensuring that the major investments that are coming our way are channelled effectively so that the benefits are shared by all.  It’s an expansive and influential portfolio that demands real breadth of strategic perspective and a highly adaptable leadership style.

For the right candidate, there is the potential to also take on the role of Deputy Chief Executive.  I’m looking forward to working closely with the successful candidate to combine our expertise and commitment on behalf of the people of Torbay. As a small unitary council, you’ll discover that Torbay is a place where you can make things happen quickly and where you can establish direct relationships with key stakeholders. It means that, at times, you need to get close to the detail, but it also gives you true ownership of the agenda.

Torbay is a great place to live and work. And this is a great role for a talented and ambitious person who relishes the opportunity to work across such a broad strategic portfolio.

I look forward to receiving your application.

Anne-Marie Bond
The Council has engaged Solace in Business to support this important appointment. I encourage you to contact Maud Hollis or Steve Guest on 020 7976 3311 to discuss the opportunity in more detail.
Anne-Marie Bond
Chief Executive